Two culinary heavyweights—Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain and Food Network star Mario Batali—stopped by NBC’s Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to play a ridiculous mock game show called Food Pyramid.

A little bit like culinary charades, the game features blindfolded contestants trying to guess which foods their teammates are eating. Batali was partnered with Fallon, while Bourdain teamed up with the actor Josh Gad.

“We Netflix and chill all the time,” Fallon joked after Batali failed to identify a frozen pizza. “Frozen ones?” the chef shot back. “I’ve never even seen one.”

Still, the highlight of the show came after Bourdain chose the category “Just Shoot Me,” and found a tray of six shots sitting before him. The crowd erupted into applause.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have had those clams before this,” he groaned.

Though the chef wimped out a bit by only taking a sip of most of the drinks, Bourdain and Gad had instant chemistry. The actor was able to guess the first shot—vodka—before Bourdain had even put the glass down, and easily guessed that “bad decisions from Mexico” translated to tequila.

[via Eater]