Anyone who says they "can't cook" is officially out of excuses. The future of cooking is now, and robots are taking over. 

Meet the automatic wok. This appliance does all the work for you—effortlessly tossing mounds of fried rice while you sit back and watch—and one contraption at a restaurant in Singapore​'s Changi Airport even allows cooks to add a giant spatula to the wok to further flip the ingredients.

In addition to the wok, there are other automated kitchen tools out there. Students at M.I.T. recently built a robot to run a restaurant inside the school's dining hall. The kitchen, dubbed "Spyce" by its inventors, features a robotic head chef alongside automated refrigerators, dishwashers, and stoves. The best part? Food can be made-to-order using a smartphone app. 

In Shanghai this year, two "ramen-slinging robot chefs" have been making noodles from scratch and doling out portions of soup to eager restaurant-goers. But it looks like robots won't be limited to kitchen duty for much longer. This week, Eater reported that Japan is hoping to implement​ "autonomous tractors and backpack-carried robots" to aid its aging population of farmers. The robots are set to help the farmers harvest various types of fruits and vegetables, and thus increase the amount of locally grown produce circulating through Japan. 

Maybe robots aren't so bad after all. 

[via YouTube]