Torrential, record-setting downpours have pounded southern states like Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee over the past day, as a large storm front moves through the region. One of the states hardest hit by the rains has been Louisiana, where carp are now literally swimming in the street. ABC News shared a video caught by University of Louisiana at Monroe student Collin Landry that shows the aquatic creatures slapping around on the pavement.

One Facebook commenter mentioned that the fish appeared because nearby Bayou DeSiard overflowed its banks. Landry also shared a video of fish swimming along a university sidewalk on his Twitter account.

Last year, intense flooding in North Carolina caused fish to surface in parking lots. The residents of Carolina Beach then proceeded to fish them, which seems like a solid way to turn lemons into lemonade, considering the situation.

The Weather Channel notes that five people have died so far because of the storms and nearly 20 inches of rain have fallen in some of the hardest-hit places.

[via ABC News]