We’ve been trained since childhood not to play with our food. But what if you’re really, really good at it? Is it right to suppress that genius? Amber Lee, one of the content creators at Visual Country, has an amazing talent for creating food animations—stop-motion videos made from real food, in which something as simple as cheese and crackers can become a source of entertainment. Lee was on hand at The Laughing Cow Love Your Local event at Houston Hall in New York City, and was kind enough to provide us with a quick tutorial on making stop motion food videos.

As you’ll see in the video above, there is no high-tech equipment required for these animations. Lee shoots her demonstration right on her phone, although she does have a stabilizing mount for it. The key to stop motion is to vigilantly capture images as you make each tiny adjustment to the object you’re animating (in this case some pretty tasty looking apps). That vigilance requires a high degree of patience, but if you’ve got the time and focus then you have the ability to create a Vine or Instagram video that will rack up celebrity-level likes. We think this is one of the best ways of reinventing a basic snack. Because, hey, who wants to eat boring food?