It seems whenever you go, you can’t escape the catchy “Hey, wassup? Hello” chorus of New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap’s drug anthem “Trap Queen.”

An inevitable outcome of becoming a Top 40 artist like Fetty is having your tracks covered by other “musicians.” In George Dalton’s very literal appropriation of Fetty’s summer classic, the coddled suburban child bakes (actual) pies and rides around in a car with other white kids. 


We should mention that the only black kid featured in the video plays the role of the chauffeur, and that Dalton probably thinks the song is actually about cooking apple pies. Dalton, if your out there, you might want to read Fetty’s explanation of the song’s lyrics before appropriating any more rap anthems for your YouTube channel.

“’The song doesn’t have anything to do with love, really,’ Fetty explains. “Trap Queen” is actually a semiautobiographical track about a girl he met who wanted in on his already booming drug business. ‘She learned how to cook crack, and she kind of did it so good that she made enough for the both of us,’ he says. ‘She knew how to stretch that shit.’

Dalton’s remake of “Trap Queen” is almost as excruciating to watch as eight-year-old Matty B’s Lil Wayne cover. Almost.

[via YouTube]