The finale of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show has everyone feeling nostalgic, even those who Stewart has brutally insulted over the years.

No one understands just how painful these jabs can be better than meat-obsessed fast-food chain Arby’s. In an attempt to make amends with the host and send Steward off with a proper goodbye, the fast-food chain created two ads with a compilation of every insult Stewart has thrown its way. Arby’s tribute to Jon Stewart is truly heartwarming.

The chain even reached out to Stewart with a job offer once they found out that the host would be leaving the show.

Stewart not-so-politely declined, saying,

“I guess my only question as a future employee would be: to work there, would I have to handle, serve, touch, eat or even look at what you so generously describe as food? That’s right, Arby’s, this motherf—— thing ain’t over. I do not accept your peace offer. We shall always be enemies!”

Fortunately, the frenemies are leaving one another on good terms. Arby’s ends the video with: “We’re not sure why, but we’ll miss you.”

[via Mashable]