On November 19th, a toilet-shaped cake weighing more than 1,500 pounds was unveiled in New Delhi, India. The cake was decorated with whipped cream, chocolate, and floral patterns.

Yesterday was World Toilet Day, and the toilet cake was part of the International Toilet Festival, a three-day event aimed at raising awareness on the need for clean sanitation. The festival was organized by NGO Sulabh International, and the holiday has been celebrated on November 19th since 2001. However, The United Nations General Assembly gave official recognition to the national holiday in 2013.


Zeenews India reports that, as part of the festival, nearly 1,000 children from seven countries participated in a walkathon carrying a toilet pot and a lota (vessel). They marched to support “Toilet for all in 2019,” an initiative that is high on India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda.

According to a UN estimate, there are 2.5 billion people in the world without access to improved sanitation facilities, and a little over one billion practice open defecation.

We’ll be careful not to sugarcoat a pressing issue here—but, having people eat a toilet cake certainly is an admirable way to address a serious problem with a sense of humor.


[via AP]