For an artist whose philosophy in creating art is to mass-produce hand-painted works for the masses, crafting 75 paintings in a day isn’t really considered a feat.

Brooklyn artist Steve Keene was commissioned to paint 75 identical portraits of white sheep for Lucky Peach‘s annual James Beard Media Awards after party. This was to honor Lucas Peterson’s story, “All Ewe Can Eat,” in the magazine’s All You Can Eat issue (for those who don’t know, “ewe” is the term for a full-grown female sheep).

In the video above, Keene—who finally got his first New York show less than two months ago—walks us through his very systematized painting process: in order to crank out large numbers of paintings in just a few hours, he says, he visualizes the main image he will be multiplying on canvas, and “build[s] the strokes, like laying bricks.”

As a result, the images are painted almost entirely in big horizontal and vertical strokes, with a few tinier details dotted in.

Lucky Peach is offering an exclusive deal of two years of Lucky Peach and a Steve Keene sheep painting for $75. The pieces range in size from 19″ to 24″ x 16″. Those interested should subscribe with the promo code LUCKYEWE. 

Here’s a sampling of what you can get your hands on:


[via Lucky Peach]