It looks like rapper and “Albania’s number one gourmand” Action Bronson has been officially nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge. The challenge’s aim is to raise awareness for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and it has become a nationwide phenomenon, with many celebrities taking part in dumping buckets of ice over their bodies and further “nominating” fellow celebs to do the same.

It has come to our attention that renowned chef and restaurateur René Redzepi, of Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been nominated by chef David Chang and very honorably taken on the challenge. In the above video, Redzepi sits tight in a hoodied jacket and laced rain boots (and perhaps what appear to be goggles), and nominates Spanish chef Ferran Adrià, Brazilian chef Alex Atala, and our favorite food-rap MC, Bam Bam. (Bronson very recently dined at Noma, and snapped gorgeous pictures of all of his 24 courses on Instagram for us to drool at).

After the initial bucket rains on him, Redzepi receives ice bucket drops from his entire kitchen crew.

Another chef contender for best ice bucket challenge: Anthony Bourdain, who would have rather just donated to the cause.

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