There’s no doubt that chocolate is on the list of things we take for granted. There are many out there who are only vaguely familiar with the source of chocolate: the cocoa pod and beans. We readily snack on the finished product, oblivious to both the process of making chocolate and the people behind the farming and cultivation of cocoa.

Not that this bothers the farmers and cultivators of cocoa beans. These Ivory Coast cocoa farmers, for instance, had never tasted chocolate before and therefore had yet to be fully acquainted with the real fruits of their labor. After growing and cultivating the fruit, they deliver the beans to the brokers, never seeing what becomes of them.

In a video by VPRO Metropolis (a Dutch global collective of young filmmakers and TV producers), the farmers are introduced to their first bar of chocolate, and the reactions are truly heartwarming.

Initially, farmer Alphonse didn’t have a precise idea of what the harvested beans could be used to make.cocoa1
His reaction after nibbling on his first piece of chocolate:
“The dried cocoa beans are used by the whites to make this.” 
Chocolate in Ivory Coast is “hardly available and very expensive,” with each bar costing around €2, a little less than a third of Alphonse’s daily wage.

And even though the farmers hadn’t a clue what the cocoa beans could be transformed into, they appreciate the beans just as much as they do the chocolate.

[via Sploid]