The Perennial Plate, a consistent resource for fantastic food journalism, has just released a documentary on Cook it Raw‘s October 2013 summit in Charleston, South Carolina.

This was Cook it Raw’s sixth summit, with previous gatherings held in locations like Copenhagen, Suwalki, Poland, and Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Regardless of the place, the mission remains the same: bring together an international array of chefs and purveyors in a specific locale to explore the possibilities of food, exchange ideas, and address important environmental, social, and cultural issues.

The event in Charleston united 18 of the most creative and celebrated chefs from around the globe for a weeklong immersion in Lowcountry cuisine. From exploring staple ingredients (hominy, rice) and indigenous preparation techniques (low boil), to understanding the profound influence of slavery and plantation culture, participants engaged in a comprehensive study of the region’s cooking. At the culmination of the event, each chef produced a dish inspired by his or her experience.

It’s a transporting watch—reserve your lunch break to do so.

[via The Perennial Plate]

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