Hosting a proper Thanksgiving in cramped quarters is not much fun for anyone involved. There’s no room in the fridge for a 16-pound bird, no chairs for your out-of-town cousins, no side table to sag under a massive buffet. It's an obstacle course that rarely sees anyone make it to the finish line without a look of defeat. 

Contrast that with the day after Thanksgiving—a far better time to revel in the holiday spirit if you live in a small space. That’s when you can celebrate your own kind of abundance, taking your sweet time to remix and re-imagine the food on your plate from the previous night.  

But it would be a shame to limit your post-Thanksgiving bounty to the confines of a Gobbler Sandwich, no matter how well they turn out. With a few key moves, you can take a bit of turkey, odds and ends from the crudité platter, and any miscellany of candy, nuts, and dried fruit, and turn the profusion into a small feast with big goals: getting together a group of your friends and eating something good.

Here’s what to do to create an easy meal that’s scaled down in size from Thursday’s banquet, but no less delicious.