Around the holiday times, we here at First We Feast like to trumpet a familiar maxim: If you give someone the gift of food and drink, there's a good chance some of it will end up back in your mouth. That advice may get you in trouble this year, as we've set out to construct a gift guide for chileheads—thrill-seekers who take distinct pleasure from the tongue-searing pain of spicy foods.

Once a sub-culture, hot-sauce popularity has skyrocketed over the past decade, breeding fanatics who geek out about the latest bottle of explosively spicy peppers, or are just as eager to learn how to recover from an ill-advised dab of Carolina Reaper sauce. As technical words like Scovilles and capsaicin enter the common vernacular, and more and more celebrities submit themselves to the ring of fire known as Hot Ones, we figured it was the right time to spread the love of chile peppers.

From collaborative porters brewed with aji panca peppers, to a Hot Ones starter pack endorsed by our very own Sean Evans, here are gifts with the chilehead in mind.