Recently, Jerry Seinfeld popped up on the Tonight Show for a rare performance of new stand-up material about food. While a Seinfeld sighting always piques interest, the bit was kind of lackluster, not least because his discussion of spinning cakes in diners and Pop Tarts felt so outdated. Still, the performance got us thinking about some of stand-up’s more memorable food rants and paens.

In the male-dominated world of comedy (yes, this list unfortunately reflects that reality), food comes up all the time. It might be a self-deprecating reference, an indulgence, or something downright shameful. We’ve rounded up our favorite grub jokes to jog your memory (the ’90s were a golden-era of dude food jokes). Louis C.K. hate-eats Cinnabon in immense self-loathing, Chris Rock gets into psychology of the “big piece of chicken,” and Mitch Hedberg questions our use of potatoes. You’ll never look at these mediocre foodstuffs again. Click through the slide show to watch all of the clips.

Written by Sarah Lawson (@SKlawson)