Watching cooking shows used to be a wholesome, suitable-for-PBS experience: The OGs like Julia Child and Jacque Pépin were all about education and technique, introducing viewers to new cuisines without unnecessary embellishment. But since the meteoric rise of the Food Network, there’s so much sex in the kitchen that you’d think R. Kelly was director of programming.

Along with the general tarting up of the old stand-and-stir format, the next-gen cooking shows have also spawned a bizarre new phenomenon: the foodgasm. You know it when you see it—that oddly erotic (or sometimes revolting) facial contortion that makes eating food look like something you’d do in the boudoir, not the breakfast room.

To give this topic the proper attention it deserves, we trolled through clips of some of our favorite on-screen stars to extract classic examples of the epicurean orgasm. Then, naturally, we turned them into hilarious gifs.

Click through the gallery above to see all of the chefs and hosts, then read our essay about the finer points of the food-TV foodgasm.