UPDATE: Props to GloZell, the woman who got famous for eating cereal out of her bathtub on YouTube. This afternoon while interviewing President Obama, she went for hot-button issues like Sony, Cuba, young black men and police shootings, and same-sex marriage. Somewhat disappointingly, she asked Obama nothing about cereal.

A definite highlight from the interview: when GloZell said Castro “put the dick in dictatorship.”

The well-spoken YouTube star also told the president that she’s worried about her husband “getting shot by the po-po,” and asked: “How can we bridge the gap between African American males and white cops?”

Everything was going swimmingly, and GloZell finished off the interview by presenting the pres with three green lipsticks.

She handed the lipstick to Obama and said, “One for your first wife—I mean, I mean…” To which Obama replied, “Do you know something that I don’t know?” (She meant First Lady… DOH!)


Major slip up in an otherwise well-done interview. That being said, we think she should focus on what she does best and go eat Cocoa Puffs in a swimming pool.


We’re not making this up: Internet star GloZell Greenwho famously rolled around in a bathtub full of milk bobbing for Fruit Loops—has been asked to interview President Obama. 

Viewers can follow along on the White House YouTube account (below) at 5pm EST, and ask questions via social media using the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama.

“I’m so glad I watched every episode of Veep,” says GloZell in a video announcing the interview.

“Mr. President, is you OK? Is you good? ‘Cuz I wanted to know,” is one of the inquiries Glozell will apparently pose to POTUS. She says she will “buy some new weave” before conducting the interview. We sure hope so.


Two other YouTube stars will get the opportunity to interview the president, but we care much less about them.

Here’s the bathtub cereal-eating video that lead to GloZell getting to do something many journalists never will: interview Obama.

[via ABC News]