The next time you’re asked to the take a survey about your voting preferences, just point to your plate or frosted mug.

According to this chart drawn up by National Journal, you’re more likely to vote for a Democrat if you drink Stella Artois, Miller Genuine Draft, Guinness, and any microbrew or hard cider. You’ll choose Republican if Rolling Rock, Samuel Adams, and Leinenkugel are your preferred choice(s).

With the exception of Michelob, light beer tends to attract the Republican-minded. Then there are those who sip Coronas, Heinekens, and Lone Stars—it seems both parties can count on these drinkers to have neither a strong opinion nor an inclination to vote.

When it comes to your pizza, California Pizza Kitchen found that supporters of Obama like to spice up their pies with red pepper flakes around lunchtime; meanwhile, Romney can count on his supporters to dine on pizza for dinner or as cold leftovers.

If neither beer nor pizza are regulars in your diet, you can always make a statement with your morning cup of 7 Eleven joe. The convenience store is taking an unscientific poll by selling cups marked with support for either Obama or Romney. The undecided still have the option to go with the regular unmarked cup.

[via National Journal; The Daily Meal]