If there’s one thing Young Thug isn’t afraid of, it’s going against the grain and doing it his way. The New York Times showed up during the filming of Thugger’s latest music video for “Best Friend,” and sat back as the rapper pulled out a respectable spread of some of his favorite foods. Thug also gave reporters a glimpse into what a typical night in his life entails.

Thugger began his interview by lighting up a blunt and then ordering a week’s worth of grub. According to The New York Times,

“Food arrived at random intervals: four Dominos pizzas in the late evening, a birthday cake just after midnight, a couple of catering trays of wings at 1:30 a.m.”

Afterwards, Thugger took a styrofoam cup filled with sizzurp into the boothpotentially as a ode to Lil Wayne, a rapper Young Thug explains to the Times was one of his biggest idols growing up.

“After a few minutes of banter, Thug picked a beat by Mike Will Made It and, Styrofoam cup of prescription cough syrup in hand, retreated into the booth. The lights were out — all you could see was the glint of his Rich Gang chain.”

In an interview with The Fader, Thug’s manager explains that spread is nothing out of the ordinary. He explains, “Thug eats no real food.” Throughout his time with The Fader, the rapper ripped into bags of gas station treats including Funyons and sour gummy worms before hitting the studio.


[via The New York TImes]