Drinking and football go hand in hand. Budweiser has special-edition cans in circulation with the logos of all 32 NFL teams, and stadiums around the country are full of drunkards yelling at people that are too far away to hear them. But one team’s fans seem to be getting into the suds-swilling spirit before they’re quite ready.
In a Snapchat screenshot posted by Deadspin, you can clearly see a little boy taking a swig out of a Bud Light bottle. To be fair, the bottle could have been empty or refilled with something less illegal. But whatever it is, the adult with his arm around the young Belushi does not seem concerned at all. Awesome parenting: brought to you by the NFL.

The weirdest part is that almost exactly a year ago, an even younger Jets fan was photographed with the exact same type of blue Bud Light bottle in his hand. At least this year’s underage lush was celebrating a victory instead of a crushing loss, though.

[via Deadspin]