Behold Yelp’s latest marginally useful widget: a “word map” that tracks reviews that mention specific terms by location, then denotes them with giant red blobs. Theoretically, this would be great for finding an area with lots of date-night pasta joints or a place to bring your vegan friend with minimal do-you-serve-kale? fiascos, but Yelp also included “ambience”-related terms like “frat” and “yuppie,” ensuring that the word map’s most talked-about feature is readers’ newfound ability to track stereotypes by metropolitan area. Yelp is clearly onto this, since navigating to the word map automatically redirects visitors to the “hipster” locator.

The word map is currently available in fourteen cities, including New York, Toronto, London, and DC. Eater has already helpfully screen-shotted the hipster map for each metropolis (New York’s is above; check out the random skinny jeans enclave in the Flatiron), but messing around with the feature yields all kinds of interesting factoids. For example, in New York:

  • Again, there is a random hipster outcropping in the Flatiron, the ancestral home of bros and tech start-ups. Huh?
  • The entirety of lower Manhattan is “pricey.” All. Of. It. This isn’t surprising or even interesting so much as it is depressing.
  • The East Village is simultaneously fratty and romantic. (It’s actually a hotspot for pretty much every search term from “bacon” to “patio,” but if any two keywords were gonna be mutually exclusive…)
  • Peter Luger is solely responsible for a massive “bacon” hotspot right at the JMZ stop in Williamsburg.

Basically, even if you don’t actually use the word map to find restaurants, it’s really fun to play with. Happy bacon-hunting.

[via Eater]