Want to include a grainy, ranting video to accompany your disgruntled Yelp review? Now you can.

Yelpers will soon have the ability to upload 12-second videos as part of their reviews, Eater and Business Insider report. The feature will be available on Yelp’s mobile app, and similar to its photo upload feature, will allow reviewers to easily submit media content.

About 70% of Yelp’s photos are submitted via mobile, with roughly 23,000 uploaded per day.

Much like the photo feature, the videos will be filtered for inappropriate content, with the most popular and “useful” ones rising to the top. This will hopefully weed out the crazies, rewarding videos that reflect a restaurant’s ambiance most lucidly. We think this is a perfect opportunity for the kid who had sex with a Hot Pocket to get kicked off another user-generated website.

Although the notion of experiencing a place does sound halfway appealing, we’re skeptics. One, if not created by a professional, iPhone videos make us nauseous. Two, given that Yelp is a disturbingly therapeutic outlet for some of its most loyal followers—it even served as one man’s diary for heartbreak—this seems like just another outlet for misguided self-expression.

We’ll watch and see.

[Via Eater and Business Insider]