With the release of Wu-Tang Clan’s single-copy, incredibly-expensive album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin earlier this year, it’s clear that the legendary rap crew has no fears of losing its cultish fan base.

In fact, admirers of the Wu often express their love by fashioning items of food in the shape of the group’s iconic W logo. Wu-Tang food art is especially appropriate because more than one of the group’s members are conscious about what they eat: Raekwon “the Chef” has always been associated with his cooking prowess, while GZA is a follower of the raw food-movement and has convinced other Wu members to adopt vegetarianism.

The exquisite food artwork below is a testament to just how much Wu-Tang is loved and admired in both the food and art worlds.

Wu Mango Sticky Rice


Instagram food artist Tisha Cherry tops a bed of sticky rice with a Wu-Tang mango slice. (Photo: Instagram/@tishacherry)

Wu-Tang Ice Cream Cake

wu-tang ice cream

This fantastic ice cream W was featured in last year’s Wu-Tang-inspired exhibition, “C.R.E.A.M.: Cake Rules Everything Around Me” at NYC’s Wallplay gallery. (Photo: Henry Hargreaves/Amirah Kassem)

Raekwon Hot Sauce Portrait


Upon closer inspection, this Tapatio-spattered portrait of Raekwon is, in fact, an intricate molding. (Photo: Instagram/@abbidragon88)

Alphabet Noodle Soup


Playing with your food is totally acceptable when it’s in honor of Shaolin’s finest. (Photo: Instagram/@wutangbrand)

Wu-Tang Steak


Sometimes Wu-Tang food simply emerges on its own, like a sign from the rap heavens. Case in point: this juicy picanha in Brazil. (Photo: Instagram/@tjwalsh2)

W Ice Cream Sandwich


“Ice Cream” is our favorite Wu-Tang track, too. (Photo: Instagram/@tishacherry)

Wu-Tang Watermelon Cutout


Tisha Cherry does it again with this Wu-Tang watermelon. (Photo: Instagram/@tishacherry)

Wu-Tang Pancakes


Wouldn’t you want to wake up to this plate of sizzling bacon, bananas, and W-shaped pancakes? (Photo: Instagram/@wutangbrand)

Kid’s W Apple Cutout


Parental Advisory: A Wu-Tang apple a day keeps the doctor away. (Photo: Instagram/@wutangbrand)

Pizza Homage


Wu-Tang pizza ain’t nothin’ to f**k with. (Photo: brain-magazine.fr)

Wu-Tang Brownie Cake


Wu for dessert? Don’t mind if we do. (Photo: rapgenius.com)

Twin Fried Eggs


W-shaped pancakes aren’t the only Wu-Tang breakfast foods—just take a look at these peppery fried eggs. (Photo: Tommy+Woosey)

Festive Wu Cookies


It doesn’t have to be Christmastime for these Wu-Tang logo cookies to be in fashion. (Photo: Instagram/ducksta)

Wu-Tang Tortilla


Put two of these W-shaped tortillas together with some cheese, and you have yourself a Wu-Tang quesadilla. (Photo: blogspot.com)

Wu-Tang Cupcakes


These chocolate cupcakes are a lot cooler than the ones your officemates got you from Crumbs. (Photo: brain-magazine.fr)

Wu-Tang Pepperoni


One more from Tisha Cherry, the reigning queen of Wu-Tang food art. (Photo: Instagram/tishacherry)

Wu-Tang Clams

Wu-Tang-Clam 2Food-rap puns are the best puns. (Photo: Instagram/@talkingfood)

Whole Foods T-Shirt


You, too, can own a rap shirt for white people. Here, the Wu-Tang W is somewhat offensively mashed up with everyone’s favorite yuppy supermarket chain. (Photo: Rap Shirts for White People)

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