A vending machine may seem like an unlikely place to buy caviar and truffles, but exotic food lovers in the Los Angeles area can now head to their local malls and do just that. The new, high-tech machines at Westfield Topanga, Burbank Town Center, and Westfield Century City offer shoppers a chance to snack on expensive delicacies typically seen only in higher-end restaurants and specialty shops. Perhaps this is a natural progression for a city full of Proactiv vending machines, but it still seems like it would be a little bit odd to feed hundreds of dollars into a machine.

Imperial River Beluga, Escargot, and Italian truffles are all among the daily inventory being dispensed. At $30 per ounce, the Classic Osetra Caviar is one of the most popular and affordable options available. Mother of pearl plates and spoons sold separately—luckily, in the machine as well.

[via LA Weekly]