A woman with a rad wig named Carla claims she went to a McDonald’s on Dorset and was “disrespected.” Carla says that the drive thru was backed up so she had to get out of her car and go inside to order her McRib meal. She ordered at the register, then asked the cashier, “Ain’t you forgettin’ somethin’, ma’am?” Carla continued, “You’re supposed to offer me an extra McRib for a dollar when I order the McRib meal.” Doh.

That’s when Carla claims the cashier looked her up and down and said, “Well it don’t look like you need the extra McRib.” Welp, that’s one way to handle customer relations. “Mcscuse me? That’s when I throat-punched that b*tch,” explains Carla. “I knocked her *ss down.”


Is this a spoof of crazy fast-food videos that infest Facebook? Potentially. Are we going to watch it three more times while waiting for the work day to end? Definitely.

[via Facebook]