Have you always wanted to work at the local taco stand but could never get hired? With the mobile game Taco Master from Kaxan Games, you can finally fulfill your taco-making dreams. Like a true taquero, you must put your time-management skills to the test, getting customers’ orders right (there are a variety of possible meats and toppings that you must drag and drop onto a tortilla) while not getting in the weeds. With 30 levels, you can stay busy satisfying taco-hungry customers all day long.

One criticism from the folks over at ign.com: “The core taco-making gameplay feels solid enough, but that’s all there is. Just making tacos. Level after level.” I guess for some of us that sounds like real drudgery, and for others it sounds like the greatest thing since Angry Birds. It won Best Mobile Game at the MTV Game Awards last year, so I guess we’re not alone in our reverence for Taco Master.

[via Classic L337]