Any product that makes food easier to eat (and cuts down on waste) is a winner in my book, and WikiPearl is just that. WikiPearl is an edible skin that encases food much like the skin of a grape and turns foods like yogurt and ice cream into finger foods, replacing both packaging and utensils.

The skins—made from natural food particles and nutritive ions—will come in flavors like coconut and hazelnut, flavors that are specifically chosen to enhance the taste of the foods they contain. WikiPearl coffee and cheese variations are in the works for the future, but the yogurt and ice cream versions will hit select Whole Foods this fall.

David Edwards, a Harvard University professor and and founder of the design lab Le Laboratoire, designed WikiPearl as a product with the potential to completely eliminate the need for plastic food packaging. Although, Edwards will sell WikiPearls in a biodegradable wrapper until consumers get used to the idea of washing off their ice cream before eating it. Well played.

Edwards’ other inventions are wildly creative as well. His WikiCells (pictured below) serve as edible packaging for liquids, mousses, and emulsions. “The membrane that houses the various WikiCells flavors is made from vegetal elements, with a taste deliberately paired to match its contents,” reports Cool Hunting.

Photo: Cool Hunting

WikiCells serve as edible packaging for liquids, mousses, and emulsions. (Photo: Cool Hunting)

[via Modern Farmer]