Cheap bacon is on the rise, according to Bloomberg. But that cost savings only applies to restaurants, not their customers.

Watch as this Bloomberg report explains why:

The Key Factor


Chances are excellent that you probably salivated while watching this bacon cook. It’s the job of restaurateurs—whether they’re part of a chain or own a revered three Michelin-starred establishment—to know what their customers want, as well as what they’re willing to pay.

bacon 2

So even though the price of bacon is lower now than it’s been in years, restaurants increasingly see this as an opportunity for increased profit margins.

Are you really going to stop ordering bacon on that burger? We didn’t think so. Here’s a great example: After 36 years of jail time for a wrongful conviction, newly-freed man Michael Hanline had been dreaming about a bacon cheeseburger.

California-based Fatburger knows your secret bacon desires, too. One secret menu item of theirs is called the Hypocrite Burger, which is a veggie burger served with two strips of crispy bacon on top.

fatburger hypocrite burger

It’s like movie theaters and popcorn. Sure, somewhere in your mind you know that buying some popcorn at the grocery store barely costs anything—but it’s not the same as getting it when you go see a movie, even if those buttery kernels cost $9 a bag.

bacon zooey

Food costs are always a balancing game for restaurants—what restaurants pay their purveyors for their pantry staples varies from day to day. Sometimes it’s only a few cents, but other times the change is much more drastic. Since beef prices have been rising so dramatically, the lower cost of bacon is likely a factor in why McDonald’s launched its premium $5 sirloin bacon burger earlier this year. It’s all about balance.

If you love pulled pork sandwiches, now’s the time to take advantage of plummeting pork prices to make all the sandwiches you ever dreamed of.

[via Bloomberg]