Three days ago, food truck progenitor, film muse, and stoned T-shirt designer Roy Choi opened a food truck in Los Angeles International Airport. Being a heavy social media user, Choi has been tweeting non-stop about his new Kogi LAX truck at Terminal 4—including floating some very intriguing business opportunities for any angel investors/drug mules looking for a career change.

But he’s also shed a new light on the inner workings of an airport, a place one usually thinks of as a sterile, fluorescent-lit food desert where bottles of water are illegal but touching you is somehow okay as long as the staff are wearing gloves.

It turns out that airports are really more like nightclubs. When famous people show up they get backstage passes, VIP treatment and selfies with the bouncers.

Selfie with Roy Choi, Chef and owner of #KogiBBQ #LAX

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And although airports are located in specific time zones, they actually constitute special time-neutral areas where concepts like “morning” do not apply.

When you spend a lot of time in an airport, like Choi has, you can expect to meet worldly people

…and even more worldly tacos.

You’ll also see some amazing things that you won’t soon forget.

Fly Tacos

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But if there’s one takeaway from Choi’s Twitter feed this week, it’s the confirmation at long last of something we always suspected: Even airplane staff hate airplane food.

In addition to providing hospitality job training to inner-city youth and making fast-food healthier, we can now thank Choi for one more public service: making air travel a little less awful, one taco at a time.

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