Tired of waking up, making your coffee, and then packing a bowl? Getting lit and caffeinated is now as simple as inserting a coffee pod and pushing a button. There are now several companies based out of California and Washington selling THC-infused coffee pods, reports Yahoo. (And you thought this marijuana-infused cold brew was convenient.)

Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in Seattle sells “premium infused coffee” pods, which contain 10 mg of THC each, for $10 a pop. Vancouver, WA-based Fairwinds Manufacturing makes the infused coffee sold at Uncle Ike’s. James Hull, Fairwinds owner, tells Yahoo that “pods now account for about 60% of his company’s coffee sales.”


House of Jane in California makes THC-infused K-Cups and ground coffees, available in 20 mg to 120mg doses. The company’s founder, Ben-David Sheppard, tells Yahoo that he has a THC-infused “Frappuccino” in the works, inspired by Starbucks’ beloved beverage, and that the company plans to expand to Nevada once medical marijuana shops begin opening there.

Now we’re just waiting for marijuana-infused Nitro Cold Brew in a can. That’ll be the day.

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