Your cookbook ain’t about shit these days if it doesn’t have a cinematic trailer to go along with it. In preparation for the release of Stories and Recipes, Daniel Patterson stars in this video featuring some foraging, some tweezer action, and some beautiful shots of the vibrant plates that the chef and his team are known for at the two-Michelin-starred Coi in San Francisco.

The book doesn’t come out until fall, but you can pre-order for $49.99 over at Phaidon. Here’s the publisher’s description:

Daniel Patterson is the head chef of Coi, a restaurant in San Francisco, California. At Coi, Patterson mixes modern culinary techniques with local, wild and cultivated ingredients to create highly original dishes that speak of place, memory, and emotion. It’s an approach that has won him two Michelin stars and a worldwide reputation for pioneering a new kind of Californian cuisine.

Coi, the cookbook, tells the story of the restaurant, its dishes and Patterson’s philosophy. Beginning with a look at California—how Patterson arrived there and its influence on Coi—the book takes the reader into the Coi kitchen, and through an eleven course Coi tasting menu. It does so by way of a series of short essays, each comprised of an engaging text and narrative recipe, which reveal the story and inspiration behind the restaurant’s creative dishes. The stories behind a further fifty selected dishes are also narrated, and are accompanied by conversational recipes.

The book includes 150 specially commissioned photographs showing the finished dishes as well as atmospheric images of the restaurant, the California landscape, and portraits of Coi’s staff and suppliers.