Beef Jerky is high fashion. Want to know why? Because The Fat Jewish says so. As part of his new #MeatMovement campaign, the Instagram sensation has teamed up with jerky company Three Jerks to make dehydrated filet mignon the must-have accessory of 2015.

To get you up to speed, here are the facts:

  • In a NYT profile, The Fat Jew invented a story about a sponsored Instagram campaign in which he would would be photographed in a jerky jacket
  • An artisanal jerky company called Three Jerks reached out to The Fat Jew and proposed to make him an actual vest
  • A video shoot was coordinated, and the rest is sexy meat history

Note: The vest was made using 20 pounds of filet mignon beef jerky, with a retail value of $2500. “Wearing jerky in the club is a great look,” says The Fat Jew. Three thongs were made, and FJ kept one for “personal use.”

Watch the video above to peep the paragon of the jerky fashion game.
(Photos courtesy Hagop Kalaidjian)