After pulling out a very sizable sack of what E-40 would refer to as broccoli, and doing a nice rendition of Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina,” Action Bronson and his cousin “Body” head to some of their favorite late-night go-to’s for midnight snacking.

In the “nocturnal edition” of Fuck, That’s Delicious, Bronson heads to Taipan Fusion in Fresh Meadows, Queens for Sichuan halal cooked by Bangladeshis (classic Queens). There, Bronson claims he’s down to do CrossFit, and talks about the beauty of “Drums of Heaven”—fried chicken drumsticks tossed in chilies, ginger, garlic, and a ton of other good shit.

“I could fucking eat 30 of these bitches,” says Bronsolini.

After playing some ball and smoking a few more blunts, the crew heads to Ray’s Candy Shop in the East Village for deep-fried Oreos, which they fold into mint-chocolate-fudge-brownie ice cream from Mikey Likes It.


Because it’s never over, Bam Bam heads to a cuchifrito truck uptown for Dominican-style hamburgers and tostones, then Best Pizza in Williamsburg for wood-fired ricotta, eggplant, and beet pizza. “That’s a very Sicilian type of thing,” says Bronson. Of course, Bronson swaps oregano for a more potent kind of herb, which he microplanes onto the pizza. Damn.


The best part of the episode, we must admit, is the cab driver. When people start noticing Bronson, the cabbie says, “They all know you. He’s like Tupac and shit. Biggie!”

[via Munchies]