Bronson is back at it, touring around the world and feasting along the way for his Viceland TV show Fuck, That’s DeliciousThis week Action and his co-hosts, Mayhem Lauren and Big Body Bes, take in the Pacific Northwest for more seafood, lamb and weed than you could ever imagine.

The crew heads to Pike Place Market in Seattle, where the bearded MC catches a salmon like a true monger, and finds a new love in perfectly smoked salmon. In nearby Bellingham, the squad rolls through Mothership Glass to make a custom bong to house a clam bake, which looked out of this world.

As Bronson and Mayhem dip to perform a show in Canada, Big Body Bes is left in Washington due to legal issues, so he goes for a meal at Westward and tells a story about stealing an exotic parrot.

For their final stop, the trio heads to Brownsville, Oregon to visit Anderson Ranches. There, they check out the lambs that roam freely on their acreage, before cooking up what Action describes as “one of the best gyros of his life.”

Watch the full episode above.

[via Viceland]