In the eyes of Anthony Bourdain, Bob Kramer is a true “rockstar.” That’s because the Washington-based bladesmith—one of only 122 master-certified knife makers in America—produces what Bourdain calls the “finest chef knives in the world.”

Like the mythological Vulcan who worked deep inside the volcano to craft Zeus’ lightning bolts and Achilles’ armor, Kramer is a modern-day hero, forging steel from melted meteorites while taming heavy flames.

As part of his Raw Craft series, Bourdain has made it his mission to seek out legitimate craftsmen who make things with their hands. Handmade has become as meaningless a term in the food world as “farm-to-table” or “locally-sourced.” And who else is better suited than Anthony Bourdain to give us a reality check?


[via Gizmodo]