If you’re guilty of using the same pot to cook ramen as you do to make beef stew, just be glad you live in the 21st century. The one-kitchen-tool-fits-all mentality we subscribe to today wouldn’t have gone over so well before the early 1900s. In the past, cutting cucumbers required a cucumber slicer, serving chocolates called for a bon bon scoop, and there was a special tool just for extracting marrow from roasted bones. It all makes you think that they must have had some pretty convincing infomercials back then.

When the James Beard Foundation posted this picture of a telescopic fork used to pluck at faraway foods, we couldn’t help but wonder what other ingenious vintage gadgets are missing from the cabinets of our modern-day kitchens. We’ve put together a list of obscure and rad utensils of the past that even your grandmother would scratch her head at.

Click through the slide show for a look at 10 throwback kitchen tools that we want in our kitchens.

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