America’s fast food is easy to dismiss for its lack of culinary (and nutritional) merit, but from a product development perspective, it can be facinating—how do you create foodstuffs that capture the nation’s attention and can be iterated millions of times and always come out the same way?

For a look into how this process works, Bloomberg TV went into the McDonald’s test kitchens to explore the science, innovation, and time that it takes to create its ever-expanding menu. Watch the interview with McDonald’s Food Scientist, Debbie McDaniels about the years it takes to come up with menu items such as the McGriddle and the new smoothie option, as well as failed attempts to create the McPizza.

McDaniels also speaks on the new addition of fresh produce to the McDonald’s menu, and how “huge” of a deal it is for McDonald’s to begin serving apples.

If you want more insight into the test kitchens of McDonalds and other fast-food chains, check out our interview with Tom Ryan, the man behind Stuffed Crust Pizza, McGriddles, and Quiznos Steakhouse Beef Dip.

[via Youtube/Bloomberg TV]