We first heard of Taco Bell’s sleek, bougie concept for a fast-casual restaurant a little more than three months ago—and now U.S. Taco Co. is finally here.

The upscale Taco Bell will open its doors to customers on Monday, August 11 at 11am in Huntington, California, and will feature a straightforward menu of 10 “unique house-made tacos with carefully-sourced ingredients.” The “Not My First Rodeo” taco uses brisket from Texas, and “The 1%-er” (what is with this name…) features lobster from the North Atlantic. Every taco uses six-inch flour tortillas from Mission brand, but customers also have the option to order flatbreads and both corn and crispy shells.

Also listed on the menu are steak-cut fritas, leche milkshakes, and craft sodas. Future USTC locations (the next one will most likely be in Southern California) will feature craft beer and cocktail menus.

The idea for U.S. Taco was conceived by Taco Bell’s chef Rene Pisciotti and marketing director Jeff Jenkins, and at its core, the restaurant is, as Foodbeast so wonderfully puts it, “Taco Bell for folks who don’t like Taco Bell.”

Its website, however, declares that it wants to add a little something to popular food culture:

“We’re Tacos, Fries, and Shakes. That’s it. No nachos, no burritos. Just Tacos. But, not your ordinary Tacos—this is the ‘The Best of America in a Taco.’ We take the best regional dishes from around America, add some great Mexican flavors, and serve them up in open-faced tacos. It’s kind of like a food truck you don’t have to chase.”

USTC takes many classic American favorites, like the grilled cheese sandwich, Philly cheesesteak, and fried chicken, and turns them all into less-than-authentic, but kind of delicious-sounding, tacos.

Take a look below at some of the upscale tacos:
“The 1%-er”, with lobster, garlic butter, and roasted poblano crema
The “Hot Chix,” with crispy chicken and blue cheese slaw
“Winner Winner,” crispy chicken with jalapeño southern gravy
“Wanna Get Lei’d”—grilled mahi mahi and Polynesian sauce
“Not My First Rodeo”

Here’s some queso and papa’s fritas:
The “Coco Loco” leche shake, with Mexican spiced chocolate sauce.
The colorful seating space, with the restaurant’s signature Dia Del Los Muertos skull on the wall.

All photos via Facebook and Foodbeast  

Check out the U.S. Taco Co. Facebook page for more updates and information.

[via Foodbeast]