Most everyone who is obsessed with burgers and buzzy NYC restaurant openings is already aware that the first location of the L.A.-based Umami Burger chain will open in Greenwich Village this Monday, July 29th at 11am. Only when the hyped burger chain opens its doors will we know just how excited New Yorkers are about the umami-laden burger, and if they will actually take to the creation as their West Coast brethren have. Corporate chef John Herden’s meticulously crafted burger is filled with—get ready—umami secret dust, master sauce, finishing spray, caramelized onions, baked parmesan crisps with naturally high levels of umami, tomato covered in an umami glaze, shiitake mushrooms, and Umami ketchup.

We’ve collected all the relevant information about the NYC Umami Burger opening and the burger itself, just so you can get really amped and plan your visit—or, decide not to hit up the NYC location at all, and go to Steak ‘n Shake instead. Click through the slide show above for all the essential intel you need to be fully prepared for the Umami Burger opening.