It’s been quite the week for horrible diseases afflicting patrons of chain restaurants. Today, 43 cases of E. coli were linked to Chipotle stores in Washington and Oregon. And now, three confirmed cases of Typhoid Fever have been linked to a Qdoba restaurant in Firestone, CO.

That’s right, the disease that killed thousands in the Civil War and plagued early 1900s New York City has made a triumphant (if short-lived) return. Two of those diagnosed were hospitalized, but all have since recovered.

Typhoid is a food-borne illness that is rarely seen in the US unless the person(s) who contracted it did so while traveling overseas. The Typhoid Mary in question here was a food handler who had spread the salmonella typhi bacteria, likely from not washing his or her hands properly.

In a statement, Qdoba said that the franchisee in question had “stepped up sanitation of all touch points in the restaurant and discarded all food the worker may have been in contact with.” The Weld County Health Department has said that the franchisee is being “very cooperative,” and that the health department currently “feels comfortable that there’s no need to close the restaurant,” as there is no evidence of a public health risk.

Be that as it may, maybe in this case you shouldn’t taste the Rockies.

[via Time]