Eater sat down with Ben Leventhal (co-founder of Eater) and his business partner Gary Vaynerchuk (who’s an investor in Uber) about their brand new app, Resy.

The mobile app allows diners to pay for access to “premium seats” or “hot tables” at restaurants in NYC. Eater explains, “Instead of charging restaurants a fee for every cover booked, Resy is partnering with New York City restaurants like Minetta Tavern and Charlie Bird to provide reservations.”

When asked to address the fact that a pay-to-play system might feel elitist (no kidding), Vaynerchuk told Eater,

“I actually think it’s the reverse. I think there’s a gross misunderstanding of how hard it is to actually get into these places and that the minimal cash expense…is actually going to allow for more democracy, not less.”

We’re a little bit confused how Resy would democratize restaurant-going, but let’s take a look at what food influencers on Twitter think about the new mobile app.



[via Eater]