Remember Trick Daddy? The Miami rapper had a solid run in the late 90s and early 2000s thanks to hits like “Nann Ni**a” and a much-publicized relationship with Trina. He’s been relatively quiet on the music front recently—sadly, only his mugshot has made news of late—but his Instagram followers know that his true talent may be cooking anyway.

Aside from cryptic quotes and misogynist text rants, T Double-D (the second D stands for “Dollars”) mostly posts photos and videos of his meals. He’s got a pretty focused arsenal of go-to-dishes—gumbo; barbecue ribs; conch fritters; fried chicken wings; pork chops with scrambled eggs and grits—but his love for Southern home-cooking always shines through no matter what he’s making. On the few occasions when he doesn’t cook for himself, Trick Daddy goes to Benihana, eats pickled pigs feet with chips, or attends awesome street fairs.

Apparently, MTV filmed a pilot for a cooking show with the rapper in 2004, but tragically it never saw the light of day. A decade later, we still think it’s a good idea. Here are 14 reasons we’d watch a Trick Daddy cooking show, with some Instagram evidence to convince the skeptical among you.

Trick Daddy has tremendous aprons and a strong catchphrase already in place.


He also has other excellent soundbites up his sleeve.

“Now that don’t make no damn sense!”

Whenever he says “conch” it sounds like “cock,” which makes cooking fritters extra hilarious.

“That’s a little extra cock I’ma put in there.”

He’s confident in his own game.

“I do this, ni**a. Nobody do it better.”

His love for cooking is pure, and he’s always ready to throw down.

“Today Wednesday but we don’t need a reason for this shit.”

Trick Daddy is an innovator when it comes to online cooking tutorials.

Sure, he skips a few key steps, but condensing a fried chicken recipe into the space of an Instagram video is definitely the future.

His cooking tips are solid and don’t require fancy equipment or ingredients.

Trick Daddy’s Southern-style cabbage technique is no joke—”wrist game, delicious!”

He always keeps it real.

Forget filet mignon and Cristal—Trick Daddy eats pickled pigs feet and Cheetos, and drinks Chek. The caption on this meal reads: “Welcome to the Ghetto.”

He’s not afraid to call out kitchen wanksters.

“God, please forgive the sinners—they know not what they do.”

Trick Daddy knows that calling shrimp “scrimp” makes for more enjoyable viewing.

By the way, this meal of lobster tails, fried chicken, and scrimp looks amazing.

His burger game is intriguingly unorthodox.

“Add a little pap-a-rika.” (Also, peep the regional soda action.)

Pimp talk could be just what the stand-and-stir genre is missing.

“Better season that chicken right, ho!”

He could probably win an Iron Chef battle (as long as the secret ingredient was blue crab).

Trick Daddy loves blue crab.

Grilling and chilling with Trick Daddy is a lot more amusing than grilling and chilling with Bobby Flay.