Bone Broth, “the green juice of winter” (as the fooderati is currently calling it), has not only picked up steam with restaurants—the food trend has now reached the NBA.

Nutrient-rich bone broth has quietly but steadily become a daily staple of Kobe Bryant’s diet over the past three years. ESPN reports“It’s the foundation of his pregame meal at home and on the road, and the Lakers put in long hours to make sure it’s carefully prepared for him at all times.”

Tim DiFrancesco, the Lakers’ head strength and conditioning coach, explains why Bryant is in love with the brodo:

“It’s ultra, ultra important for him, maybe more so than the other guys, than a 22-year old who has really pristine joint surfaces and can get away with it and maybe doesn’t need it right now.”

Kobe may have been on the cusp of the bone broth phenomenon, but it’s now a full-fledged trend. Just last week, the New York Times wrote that it has evolved from “prehistoric food to Paleo drink.” Ten weeks ago, NYC chef Marco Canora of Hearth opened a storefront window in the East Village, Brodo, where long-simmered bone broth is served in coffee cups. Kat Odell points out that the trend has gone national, with Asian Box in L.A. and Medea’s Espresso and Juice Bar in Arden, NC adding bone broth to the menu.

Kobe’s the type of dude who improved his jump shot by studying how cheetahs run on the Discovery Channelso it’s not that surprising that Black Mamba would find diet inspiration from the New York food scene.

But is Bryant’s new magic elixir as innocent as it seems? Triangle Offense editor Elena Bergeron asks,

“Has anyone heard from former Lakers who pissed off Mamba? Like, where is Smush Parker and Chris Mihm? How about Kwame Brown?”

Is Kobe eating the ground bones of people he’s vanquished to gain strength? We’re looking into it.

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