The end of March means the release of the previous year’s beer sales figures, helpfully compiled by the Brewers Association. We already know that sales of craft beer rose 22% from 2013, and production jumped 18% year-over-year, but it’s always interesting to see who’s really moving product on a large scale.

If you compare the numbers below with those from 2013, you’ll notice that Pennsylvania-based D.G. Yuengling and Son was nowhere to be found last year, but the company was at the top of the 50 list this year. WTF?

Let us explain: last year, the Brewers Association changed its definition of craft brewery to include breweries producing up to 6 million barrels of beer annually. This move allowed Yuengling to enter onto the top U.S. craft breweries list in 2014.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Brewery (who we just so happen to have an awesome forthcoming podcast with), dropped two spots to number 11. Founders Brewing Co. made a huge jump from number 26 to 17.

Did you realize all of the breweries below were so big?


1. Yuengling


Core beer: Yuengling Traditional Lager
Located in: Pottsville, PA
Position on 2013 list: Did not qualify last year as a craft brewery

2. Boston Beer Co


Core beer: Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Located in: Boston, MA
Position on 2013 list: #1
Fun fact: The company also makes Twisted Tea and Angry Orchard Cider

3. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co


Core beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Located in: Chico, CA
Position on 2013 list: #2

4. New Belgium Brewing Cobeeer

Core beer: Fat Tire Amber Ale
Located in: Fort Collins, CO
Position on 2013 list: #3

5. Gambrinusbb

Core beers: Shiner Bock
Located in: Shiner, TX
Position on 2013 list: #4

Now, check out the full list of America’s 50 top-selling breweries.



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