Once, a drink of coconut water required a machete and a steady hand. Nowadays, you can’t so much as swing a spork without toppling a pyramid of Vita Coco on special.

According to the above infographic from Quartz, consumers purchased $400 million of the potassium-rich refreshment last year—and that only accounts for the top three brands.

Vita Coco, which has been endorsed by Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, accounted for the lion’s share with $270 million in sales; Coca Cola’s Zico and Pepsi’s O.N.E. are the second and third biggest sellers.

What’s even more amazing is the breakneck surge in popularity over the last three years. The three major brands “have grown by nearly 600% since 2009, and 2,759% since 2007,” Quartz reports. Which might explain why coconut water has earned a mention on this list of Things Basic Bitches Love.

[via Quartz]