Grilled baby octopus. Music. Beer slushies. What’s not to love about Thai restaurant Uncle Boons?

You already know that the Nolita joint is one of our 5 Favorite Thai Restaurants in NYC. Maybe you’ve already eaten there. If you haven’t, and the siren song of Ann Redding and Matt Danzer’s green-mango salad and Issan sour sausage isn’t enough, we have three words: Watch this video.

A sort of promo video for the restaurant, the above short will make you have childhood flashbacks (if you’re Thai, that is). If you’re not, it will still remind you that good food and good drinks, and possibly some dancing, can solve everything.

The restaurant trailer has become the splashiest way to promote a restaurant and build hype about new projects. Head here to watch some more trailers from the likes of NoMad, NEXT, and Mast Brothers.


[via Eater]