This past weekend at tech tradeshow CES, French startup Emiota unveiled ‘Belty,’ a belt complete with motors and sensors that adjusts to tighten or loosen your waistband, depending on how much your gut has grown. It even tracks your fitness and activity level.

What’s more, the Belty wirelessly connects with the user’s smartphone so that the wearer can teach it preferences based on things like sitting or standing.

Why loosen your own belt when Belty can do it for you, amirite?


Emiota co-founder Bertrand Duplat explains, “The belt experience hasn’t changed in centuries,” so he decided to change the belt game himself.

Belty (which looks a lot like a glorified seat belt), is just a prototype—but the company hopes the wearable technology will catch on in the global market.

Because society is getting extremely lazy, fat, and completely dependent on technology, we think Belty has a good chance of taking off.

[via: Mirror UK]