Do you eat bugs? No, it’s not weird. Eating bugs is common practice in much of the world. Even North America is slowly getting onboard the bug-as-food train, seeing that insects can be found in the form of fancy chocolate candy and energy bars.

So, what’s the next thing in insect-based foods? BugMuscle, a start-up in Southern California, is pursuing an insect-based protein supplement for bodybuilders, mixed martial artists, and survivalists. The protein supplement is made entirely from insects, and can be blended into a protein shake or sprinkled on top of your post-gym acai bowl.


Just like traditional protein powder, BugMuscle helps you to grow lean, mean muscle mass. Entomophagist Daniella Martin writes that whereas “dried beef is about 50 percent protein, dried crickets weigh in at 65 percent protein.”

Photo: Slate via Edible.

Photo: Slate via Edible.

If that’s not convincing enough for you, chances are excellent that you’ve already been protein-boosting with insects, because the FDA has established guidelines for what amount of insect parts is allowable in your food—and those numbers aren’t exactly small.

So far, BugMuscle founder Dianne Guilfoyle has been passing out samples of the protein powder at cage fights while trying to land a military contract, reports Grist. BugMuscle will be widely available this fall. 

There’s so many reasons to give BugMuscle a try—and not just if you’re Andrew Zimmern.

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