Physicists and burger entrepreneurs Andy Shovel and Peter Sharman own London-based burger delivery service Chosen Bun. This unique mix of interests was sure to yield some unique promotional ideas.

After two attempts and spending around £2,000 ($3,217), Chosen Bun officially managed to launch a burger and fries (chips) 112,000 feet above ground, into the area classified as “near-space.” 

The full video is epic, just over four minutes long, and totally worth watching.

space burger

Operation Space Burger launched a burger, fries, and a securely-mounted GoPro attached to a balloon. Shovel told the Telegraph that it involved “lots of helium and a balloon the size of a two-bedroom house.”

space burger launch

The burger and fries cruised along for a bit, showing us a fast-food meal in a way we’ve rarely seen before.

space burger in space

While the mission was largely successful, it wasn’t without casualties. Although the burger safely made it into near-space and returned home, the fries unfortunately weren’t so lucky.

space burger chips overboard

The burger returned safely home to earth, about 32 miles from the launch site. But was it edible?

space burger aftermath

While we saw the actual fate of the fries in the video, we loved Chosen Bun’s explanation for the mishap:

space burger chips aftermath

The scope of this video and the inclusion of an epic soundtrack make it pretty unforgettable.

While this might be the first burger-and-chips combo meal in space, it’s unfortunately not the first burger in space.

B.Good hamburgers in Boston teamed up with five Harvard students to launch a burger into space in 2012. That burger only reached 30,000 meters (98,425.2 feet), so Chosen Bun’s burger definitely flew higher.

We’re confident that somewhere in outer space, an alien life form is chowing down on those chips and going wild.

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