A seven-week-old café in Canberra, Australia has changed the fat-kid dessert game forever, while proving to the world that Aussies are even more gluttonous than Americans.

Meet the Freakshow, the token item at Pâtissez, a bakery and café in Australia’s capital. This gigantic milkshake is approximately the size of a human head and will supply you with a sugar-high so intense you might be hyped up for weeks. The drinks come in four flavors—Salty Nutz, Muddy Pat, French Vanilla ,and Nutella & Salty Pretzel—each more decadent than the last. You can order a Nutella-filled shake or even one with an entire brownie and gigantic toasted marshmallow placed on top.

No wonder the prevalence of obesity in Australia has more than doubled in the past 20 years.

The café serves desserts that have people waiting outside in 43-degree winter temperatures. The restaurant offers not only milkshakes, but also a whole range of decadent sweets from cheesecake milk domes to truffled Portobello mushrooms.

Pâtissez serves a little something for everyone who’s a fat-kid pastry fiend at heart. The café has been doing so well that the owners have already decided to open a second location, leaving us hopeful that the restaurant will decide to expand into America next.

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