The dairy-loving state of Wisconsin has been plundered of $160,000 worth of cheese in the past week. According to NBC, a set of thieves managed to swipe a trailer stuffed with $70,000 of cheese products in Germantown early Friday morning. Local police note that the trailer was located a few hours later in Milwaukee but it had been completely emptied. There is no word on whether or not the criminals whispered “We Gouda get out of here” before taking off.

The crime took place just days after an even larger cheesy caper. WTMJ reports that $90,000 worth of Parmesan went missing from the town of Marshfield, which police have been unable to recover. It leaves us with a lot of question: Are the capers connected? Why are people stealing so much cheese? How do people unload thousands of dollars worth of perishable dairy products without getting noticed? Is the world’s largest fondue party about to go down in Wisconsin? Are the thieves trying to launch their own grilled cheese-delivered-by-drone company?

It appears as if stealing cheese is the crime to commit in Wisconsin. Last year, a woman was arrested for stealing beer and cheese from a person’s house in Madison. She also tried to steal a laptop but the owner managed to wrestle it away from the thief, so she was left with just the cheese, beer, and a couple of other electronics she managed to swipe.

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